14th EDITION, 15 April 2021

Due to COVID-19 Pandemic, the Conference will be conducted online on Zoom.

The European Association of Banking and Financial Law – Romania and the Society of Juridical and Administrative Sciences will organize on April 15, 2021 the 14th INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE: “CONTEMPORARY APPROACHES IN BANKING AND FINANCIAL LAW”


Keynote speakers at the opening of the Conference:

  • Anca Dana DRAGU, President of the Romanian Senate
  • Ilie-Dan BARNA, Vice prime minister in the Government of Romania
  • Roberto FERRETTI, President of the European Society for Banking and Financial Law
  • Esther MARTINEZ de BUSTOS, representative of the European Central Bank
  • Christopher HUNT, representative of the Deutsche Bundesbank
  • Katharina MUSCHELER, representative of the Deutsche Bundesbank
  • Shenaaz MEER, representative of the South African Reserve Bank
  • Lucía PIAZZA, representative of Banco de España
  • José Carlos LAGUNA, representative of the Universidad de Valladolid, Spain

Lecturer Radu Ștefan PĂTRU, Faculty of Law, Bucharest University of Economic Studies
PhD. Cristina Elena POPA TACHE, associate scientific researcher at the Institute of Legal Research of the Romanian Academy



At the Conference may participate, both the people who want to submit a scientific paper, as well as the people who just want to hear the debate, without the submission of scientific papers.

The Conference will focus on a wide range of topics related to banking and financial law, among which we list (enumeration has illustrative and not restrictive role):
  • Aspects of banking law: the rights and obligations specific to the banking-financial field provided in the domestic legislation and/or in the international agreements; sustainability (sustainable development); the role of central banks; World Bank; International Investment Bank; investment banks; professional cooperation; the activity, organization and functioning of credit institutions; typology of credit institutions; banking operations and contracts; cryptocurrency analysis; foreign direct investment; guarantees and legal risk management; the role of banks in the fight against economic crime; transposition of European Union directives on credit institutions into national law; deontology of the banking profession; banking secrecy; special programs; consumer credit agreements; consumer protection, insolvency etc.
  • Aspects of financial law: public budgets; authorizing officers for budgetary appropriations; budget revenues; transfer of resources; legal relations of financial law; budgetary principles in domestic and comparative law; approval of public budgets; adoption of normative acts with budgetary impact; transfers between public budgets; changing public budgets; budget execution in domestic and comparative law; financing of public investments; financial markets and international investment; public debt; public financial control; fiscal procedure; administrative-fiscal disputes; the financial crisis and the insolvency of the administrative-territorial units; state aid; financing contracted from international financial institutions and the European Union, insolvency etc.

The Conference organizers invite all those interested in participating in one of the three sections to complete the Registration form until April 7, 2021.
All papers presented at the Conference will be found in one of the publications of the ConferenceFor details about the Conference publications click here.

The authors have the opportunity to submit a second scientific paper at the Conference paying an additional fee. For details click here.


Important Dates

  • Until April 7, 2021
    submitting the registration form
  • Until April 9, 2021
    sending full text of scientific paper in English
  • Until April 11, 2021
    confirmation of the scientific papers to be presented at the Conference.
  • Until April 13, 2021
    conference participation fee
  • Ethics and Malpraxis Statement
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